Online Searching Guide

Search Tips

Use multiple search engines
Find Help or Search Tips Links. Know search engine features such as field searches, truncation, phrases etc.
Start with a narrow topic and review articles for keywords to use
Use Boolean logic
Filtering tools
Use listen for audio files, forecast for projections, search database etc.
Limit Type of Material, type of document, etc
Synonyms and Alternative phrasings
Look for mentions of addition material in websites found.

Review Recommended Search Strategy

Review Evaluating Web Pages: Why and How

Web Search Tutorials
The Top Ten Search Tools
The Search Engine List

Web Page Evaluation

Search Engine Showdown, the users’ guide to Web searching, compares and evaluates Internet search engines from the searcher’s perspective.

This section of Search Engine Watch provides tips on using search engines better, along with some fun facts such as what people search for on search engines. Using Search Engines Better

UC Berkeley Tutorial


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