Custom Search

 Google Hacks Topics covered: How to get the most from the Google search engine by using its Web-accessible features (including product searches, image searches, news searches, and newsgroup searches) and the large collection of desktop-resident toolbars available, as well as its advanced search syntax. Other sections have to do with programming with the Google API and simple “scrapes” of results pages, while further coverage addresses how to get your Web page to feature prominently in Google keyword searches.

Google Power User Tips: Query Operators
  *** The search operators, also known as query operators — for the search box to restrict your results or to otherwise pull the needle from the proverbial haystack. If you’re an SEO practitioner, you surely know and use a number of these. Notes:

Append “&num=value” to change the number of results/page.
Leave off http:// type prefixes in inurl: and link:. They can shorten results.
Search strings before site: and multiple intitle: inurl: operators mix well to narrow results.
Combining the same operators is not an “and” function but a “both” function that can cancel each other out. Example “site:edu site:com” will net no results (use OR or |).
Antisocial Elements – these are elements that do not mix well with other operators: The “all” operators (ex: allinurl:) can cancel mixed results and phonebook, movie music, define, link
Directory search examples:

  • string intitle:”directory of” or add -url:string -url:string2
  • intitle:”directory * * string

Using Google’s Custom Search Engine Tools
Search engines can be created to your business needs and links provided for your websites or separate search websites created on Special search engines can increase user involvement with your business and reduce costs providing customized navigational and filter options for desired results.

Using google’s business tools and apps you can control ranking of results based on business priorities like related searches, top and recent searches for an improved search experience so that users discover the content they are searching for.

After detailed analysis and requirements input, a requirements document will be submitted for approval before development and approval testing followed by training on how you can maintain your search engines.

Google Custom Search A forum for Google Custom Search and Google Site Search users to ask questions, start discussions, and share information.

Google Commerce Search Google Commerce Search help forum.


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