1. Google + Hangouts
  2. Teamviewer

Google+ Hangouts

You will need to Create a Google account if you do not have one.

Google+ Hangouts will be used as the online group tool of choice. In your Google+ page (click on +your name on the top right), click on the quotes icon on the right to view the hangouts sidebar. When you receive an invitation to join a hangout, click on the video camera icon. When you join a hangout for the first time, you will be prompted to install the hangout plugin. Follow the directions to run the installation file.

Getting Started
Start a Hangout
Join a Hangout
Google Hangouts Tips

Ultimate Guide to Google Hangouts

Hangouts and more


Teamviewer Instructions

See the very short training video: Online Video starting at :50 seconds. The first part is presenter instructions.

Connect by phone or Hangout first and then go to and click “Join Online Meeting” on the left side and enter the meeting id given by the presenter.

When joining the Teamviewer meeting, you will be asked to download and execute a quick program to allow you to join the meeting. Make sure and click “Open” when the download completes to execute the file. When the meeting starts you will see my computer and a sidebar window on the right with meeting options. Watch the bottom of the sidebar window for chat messages which you can reply to there..


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