A Sneak Peek At Google’s New Contact Manager | The Gooru

For those us dependent on Google Contacts for all our contact information, make sure and use your [Enter] key when searching with the contact search window. This will conduct a thorough search of every field in your contacts.
IGNORE the Google search suggestion popups when entering keywords in the contact search window, this is misleading you into thinking this is all your contacts found.
I use a chrome extension “Note Anywhere” to popup instructions like this on my web pages when opened.

Also when adding a new contact if gmail is not their primary email and they have a google account, then you probably should remove gmail from their contact so you don’t send to the wrong email even though Google+ will complain when you remove it.

Google Contacts is the essential foundation that all of our interactions rely upon. Google has released a preview of the new Google Contacts manager, which will be released to all Gmail users in the near future. The contacts manager has been updated to create more ease and effectiveness to access your contacts across all Google platforms.After looking through the preview of the new Contacts feature this is what we think you should know about it.

Source: A Sneak Peek At Google’s New Contact Manager | The Gooru


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