Digital Citizenship Resources Teachers Should Know About

By now, you’ve been hearing a lot about digital citizenship. There are many reputable and respectable organizations who have devoted their life’s work to developing the values of such a citizen in educators and students worldwide. We at the Global Digital Citizen Foundation are proud to be among them.

Also, we all know the world is different now. We’re all globally connected by technology, so the responsibility of making the world a better place by fostering a compassionate and mindful citizenry isn’t just the responsibility of a chosen few anymore. Now, it’s on all of us.

Don’t be worried—be overjoyed, especially if you’re a teacher. You are in the perfect position to be the best source of digital citizenship development any student could hope for. And you’re not alone—we’ve gathered a list of tools and websites from people who are just like you, and that are behind you all the way.

We’ve compiled some useful support on digital citizenship, covering these important categories:

Digital Footprints/People Searching

Citing Sources


Detecting Plagiarism

Personal Responsibility

Global and Cultural Awareness

READ MORE via Digital Citizenship Resources Teachers Should Know About.


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