Defining Digital Literacy

Adult Literacy Education

Last year the print and digital magazine  TEACH, the largest national education publication in Canada, asked readers “What Does Digital Literacy mean to you?” In the June 13th, 2012 English version of the magazine,, two responses were published. I wrote the first one, in the contexts of digital literacy for older youth and adult learners, and in the context of myself as a learner. Contexts for the author of the second definition, Mudita Kundra, are secondary school students, but also the author herself as an educator, graduate student and job seeker.

Is digital literacy really literacy? Why does anyone care how digital literacy is defined?

In his 2012 book, Adult Basic Education in the Age of New Literacies, Dr. Erik Jacobson, Assistant Professor of Education  at Montclair State University in New Jersey, wrote: “…I believe positing something called ‘digital literacy’ makes the same mistake previous accounts of literacy did…

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